Zero alcohol law for car drivers

February 18, 2009
The government announced a hard stand against drunk driving Tuesday by setting a zero alcohol blood limit for drivers of automobiles, tractors and specialized land vehicles as of July 1.

From the same day the legal alcohol limit for motorbike riders will be 50mg/100ml of blood or 0.25mg/liter in breath tests.

The measures to curb road fatalities and injuries are part of a host of new regulations in the amended Law on Road Traffic the Ministry of Transport introduced at a conference in Hanoi Tuesday.

Riders of electric bicycles will have to wear helmets according to the new traffic laws while vehicle owners will be liable for their employees or representatives if they break the law while obeying their employer’s instructions.

The law, also called Law on Road Traffic 2008, has eight chapters and 89 articles. Three articles are retained from the 2001 enactment while 68 or about three quarters of the articles are amended and 18 articles are completely new.

The amended Law on Road Traffic was passed last November by the National Assembly and will take effect on July 1 this year.

Source: TN, SGGP

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