Hai Phong Cement faces big fines because of fans

June 12, 2009

The V-League 2009 organising board has proposed big fines for Hai Phong Cement club for the disturbances caused by its fans inside and outside Hanoi-based Hang Day Stadium on June 10.

Hai Phong fans fired flare in Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi on June 10.


This was not the first scandal caused by the club’s fans at Hang Day Stadium. In two matches against Hoa Phat Hanoi and T&T Hanoi in this stadium this football season, Hai Phong Cement’s fans have fired flares. Before the latest match on June 10, Hai Phong fans created a disturbance in their home stadium of Lach Tray on June 6.


Its fans brought fines upon Hai Phong Cement multiple times in the first stage of V-League 2009. The most prominent case occurred on April 12, when Hai Phong fans created a serious disturbance in the central province of Nghe An.


In the 2008 football season, Hai Phong fans exchanged blows with Song Lam Nghe An fans in Nghe An. Consequently, one fan was injured while a Nghe An local was hit and killed by a Hai Phong fan’s car.


The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) said that the scandal on June 10 was “very serious”. Top officials of the V-League organising board met urgently on June 11 morning to discuss the case. They agreed to ask the VFF’s Disciplinary Board to impose tough fines on Hai Phong Cement. The VFF will ask Hai Phong authorities to take measures to manage football fans.


VFF Disciplinary Board’s chief Nguyen Hai Huong said the case on June 6 at Hang Day Stadium surpassed the board’s power so the board needed the decision of the VFF Chairman Nguyen Trong Hy.


“Problems related to Hai Phong Cement fans are systematic so imposing monetary fines is not enough. Tougher punishments are needed to deter hooligans,” Huong said.


The organising board will make a decision on June 12. Perhaps Hai Phong Cement will have to play in its home stadium without any fans.


According to the Hanoi police agency, around 5000-6000 Hai Phong fans went to Hanoi in 50 cars and 100 motorbikes on June 10. At 2pm on June 10, a group of around 300 Hai Phong fans rode on motorbikes and fired flares on Hung Vuong-Nguyen Thai Hoc road.


At the same time, around 1000 others entered Hang Chao-Nguyen Thai Hoc road while firing flares, hooting and causing disorder.


During the match, Hai Phong fans fired flares in B stand and threw hard objects on the pitch. Security guards arrested one named Dinh Tri Manh for lighting flares.


When the match ended at 5.50 pm, after their team was defeated, Hai Phong fans continued to fire flares and throw things on the field. When security forces intervened, they booed, insulted and attacked security guards, forcing police to use weapons.


Outside the stadium, some fans continued insulting and threw bricks and stone pieces at the police. At the Le Hong Phong-Ba Huyen Thanh Quan intersection, some fans provoked passers-by and traffic police. They broke two windows at the government guest house at 11 Le Hong Phong.


On the way back home, Hai Phong fans threw stones at fire trucks and broke the back glass of two trucks and the glass of a mobile police car.


In trying to control the hooligans, three mobile police officers, one police officer in Long Bien district and a militia member were injured.


Hanoi police asked the General Department of Sports and Physical Training and the VFF to not allow Hai Phong Cement to play in stadiums in Hanoi if the team cannot commit to ensure security.




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