Northern universities stressed about exams

June 30, 2009

VietNamNet Bridge – Universities just have three more days to get ready for the university entrance exams.

The Hanoi University of Technology said that it has to rent rooms for exams at 200,000 dong per room, an increase of 50,000 dong from last year.


An enrolment officer of the university said that owners of the rooms asked for higher rent this year because they heard before that the examination fee students had to pay would increase.


However, the Ministry of Finance finally decided that the examination fee would be kept unchanged this year, despite the sharp consumer price increases. The ministry also decided that it would give 10,000 dong per examinee to universities and colleges.


The Hanoi University of Technology, when seeking to rent rooms, found asking fees high, but still signed contracts with the leaser, fearing that the rooms would be taken by other universities.


Other expenses have also skyrocketed. The pay for cleaners and security guards has also increased by 10,000 dong per exam room, while water has increased by 3,000 dong.


Last year, the Hanoi University of Education reportedly lost several hundred million dong on enrolment work, while the University of Business and Technology said it lost 600 million dong. It is expected that the losses universities will incur this year will be much higher than last year’s level.


Therefore, ‘virtual examinees’ prove to be the biggest concern for every university and college. Several months ago, universities asked to be allowed to collect exam registration fees and examination fees up front in order to minimise the number of virtual examinees. However, the proposal was rejected.


Other concerns are about floods and electricity cuts. Nguyen Huu Du, Deputy Head of the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences, said that though the Electricity of Vietnam has promised that there will be no electricity cuts, the university still has to prepare electricity generators to ensure that all exam rooms have electricity.


Southern universities feel more comfortable


The HCM City Agriculture and Forestry University said that the preparation work for the exams this year was easier than last year because of the lower number of registered examinees.


Dr Le Thi Thanh Mai, Deputy Head of the Training Division of the HCM City National University, said that the number of virtual examinees is expected to be lower than in 2008. She also said that preparation work has been going smoothly thanks to the lower number of examinees.


The HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities has reported that its preparations for the exam have been completed. The HCM City University of Technology, though having 5,000 more examinees than last year, has to rent four places for exam rooms only, because it has four places already.


The HCM City University of Technical Education said that it has 17,500 examinees this year, the same as in 2008. It is expected that there will only be some 25-28 percent virtual examinees.


Lam Thanh Hien, Deputy Headmaster of the Lac Hong University feels happy because no other university in Dong Nai province is organising exams this year, making it easy for the university to find rooms to rent.




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