Ngo Bao Chau accepts invitation to become Chicago University professor

January 27, 2010

VietNamNet Bridge – Renowned Vietnamese mathematician Ngo Bao Chau has accepted an invitation to become a professor at the University of Chicago.

Robert Fefferman, Professor of Mathematics and Dean of the Physics  Department at the University of Chicago remarked said that Chau is clearly one of the greatest mathematicians in modern times and that he had high expectations for the young man.


Peter Constantin, Dean of the Mathematics Department who will work closely with Chau, noted that Chau has made breakthrough achievements with with his work, successfully connecting two important fields of mathematics, arithmetic and geometry.


Peter believes that with Ngo Bao Chau and other excellent faces such as Kato, Beilinson and Drinfeld, Chicago University will have a brilliant staff lineup.


When asked about the decision to become a UC professor, Chau replied that the opportunity to cooperate more closely with UC colleagues played a very important role in his decision.


On December 9, Time Magazine 9 announced its top ten lists for 2009 and included Professor Ngo Bao Chau’s solution of the “fundamental lemma.” With his work, Chau has become a brilliant candidate for the highest mathematics prize – the Fields Medal.


According to Dr. Ngo Viet Trung, head of the Mathematics Institute, with Chau solving the “fundamental lemma”, the Langlands program has entered a new stage.


According to Time Magazine, the Canadian-American mathematician Robert Langlands developed an ambitious and revolutionary theory in 1979 that connected two branches of mathematics called number theory and group theory. The theory captured deep symmetries associated with equations involving whole numbers, laying out what is now known as the Langlands program.


Langlands believed that the task of proving his theory would take generations. He was convinced, however, that one stepping stone that needed confirmation dubbed, the “fundamental lemma” – would be reasonably straightforward.


He, his collaborators and his students were able to prove special cases of this fundamental theorem. Proving the general case proved more difficult than anticipated – so difficult, in fact, that it took 30 years to finally achieve.


Ngo Bao Chau was born in 1972. He was once a member of the mathematics majors at Hanoi University of Natural Sciences.


In 1988, Chau won the gold medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Australia. In 1989, he won another gold medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Germany.


Chau defended his doctoral dissertation in France when he was just 25.


In 2005, Chau was recognized as an exceptional mathematics professor when he was 33 years old, becoming the youngest professor in Vietnam.


Ngo Viet Trung said that Chau is planning to invite some leading mathematics experts to Vietnam to conduct research on Langslands programme.


Sinh Pham


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