Software to manage child Internet access approved

November 30, 2010

LookAtVietnam –

Central Thanh Hoa Province’s Union of
Informatics and Transfer Technology has successfully programmed software to help
parents better control their children’s access to the Internet, reports its
director Nguyen Huu Hung.

Manage Access Network (MAN) was designed to prevent access to web sites that do
not suit a child’s age and development, he said. The list of forbidden web sites
could be updated automatically via the union’s system or manually.

software included measures to check or schedule access to the Internet for a day
or a month.

would also help users monitor the duration of access to host computers and
automatically make payments.

union is installing the software in the province’s Quang Trung, Nguyen Van Troi,
Dien Bien, Minh Khai secondary schools and Ham Rong high school.

A union
survey shows that two-third of the students at the schools have home Internet
access, but parents have little effective control of its use.

software is expected to join hands with parents to control their children’s
Internet use including access to on-line games and porn sites ” said director

It was
planned to expand MAN to other provinces.

A 10-day
free trial version of the programme is available at or the
software can be bought for VND268,000 (US$13.4).

Hien, of Ha Noi, the mother of a 15-year-old son, said that she was always
worried about what her child accessed on the Internet.

But the
new software would help her control the content her son was allowed to access as
well as the time he was on the Internet and its price was affordable.

Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry’s Copyright Information Department granted
the union software copyright last month.

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